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#51 -- (Wed. 1/28 and  Fri. 2/6/87) - Mike Mitchell, was (42) and the oldest I ever did, although he was very cool.  He was my sugar-daddy from Singapore.  It was so much fun.  I gave him a (7) even though his performance didn’t warrant a 7, but he was upgraded because of all the perks.   I love attention and secrets and adventure and opportunities.  That is what Mike provided me with.  It was sometimes weird, and unbelievable, but definitely a fantasy. 

I loved money being spent on me, because I never had it, and it sure feels nice.  To have somebody else pay for things I couldn’t afford was a treat.  He was my “sugar-daddy” and flew me to Atlanta to meet him on a business trip.  He paid for everything.  While he was in a seminar, I took the company car and explored.  I drove all around the Atlanta suburbs and checked out a great mall.  I bought some hot white leather boots with cut-out sides, spike heel, pointed toe, and inlay with studs up the side of the calf.  A very sexy boot.  I wore them later when he took me to dinner at Pitty Pat’s Porch, a very cool restaurant he knew I’d like. It was an old house turned into restaurant with total southern charm.  Seating was intimate and the décor was authentic.  Our server had a southern drawl which added to the romantic ambience.

Back at the hotel after dinner, he introduced me to a “Thai bath”.   He filled the large soaking tub with very warm water and a special herb solution that smelled great.  He proceeded to clean every part of me precisely.  It was an underwater massage exploring every square inch.  And I let him clean away.  He had a firm yet gentle touch that was very soothing as well as exciting.  This was sex for personal gain, not prostitution, but promiscuity by choice and it was so much fun.  He was so attentive and wanted only to please me.  I relished the attention because I deserved a little pampering.  I worked very hard after all.  I definitely deserved some pampering...  Thank you very much!!

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#49 - (Sat. 12/27/86) - Dean Davis, (28); gave him an (8).  I had to get myself a Christmas present, so I went to RJ’s alone.  Yes alone, again.  I wasn’t there very long when I spotted him.  He was a carpenter/roofer and wore a black and while flannel shirt that was tight enough to show his muscular chest and arms.  He looked manly  and so in shape with long straight brown hair to the middle of his back.  A rugged guy, he had a nice truck and spent lots of money on me.  And this turned out to be quite an experience.  We both played a fantasy game.  I had never role played before, but it was so much fun.

He kind of reminded me of Mitch Gaylord, a popular Olympic medalist at the time, and very cute athlete.  So I completely got into it.  He wanted me to dress up and get sexy which I was happy to oblige.  I had a lot of lacy negligees, stockings, and high heels.    I pulled my hair up and added jewelry and a splash of perfume to complete my feminine allure.  He was my “Mitch” and I was his “Heather Locklear” (well, thank-you very much!).

It was very different from anything I had done before.  We called each other by those names only all night long and it was hot.  He was short, didn’t have a very big penis, and had to work to get it up.  Blame it on the alcohol.  But he did stay the night and  we talked some besides the major  partying.  I got his phone number, but didn’t give him mine. Ok, that was very fun, but see ya...

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# 46 - (Sat. 11/8/86) - then came Gary Gardner.   We met at Tooles Tavern.  Tooles was the place back then.   I could almost always find someone to take home from there.  Yes, it was considered a “meat market”; a great place for singles to hook up.

So Gary was into slapping.  Firm but nicely.  And he liked when I slapped him back, which I actually liked it too.  I would slap him on the arm, on the leg, on his ass and definitely his hard cock.  “Slap it, bitch” he would say.  It wasn’t hard enough to cause a bruise (ok, maybe 1), but the sting of the strike and the disbelief of what just happened, was a turn on.   It was an adrenaline rush.  I wanted him to slap again.  That was wild.  But couldn’t do that forever...

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# 41 – (Mon. 9/1/86) - Cole Connor, (22) from a west suburb.  Another one I met at the fair.  He worked at a booth I happened to stop at and there was an immediate mutual attraction.  He got an (8).  He had blonde hair that just covered his ears looking shaggy and light blue eyes.  He had the coolness I loved and a sense of humor too.  It was immediate.

Wow was this another fantasy.  So wild and crazy.  I love the adventurous side of me.  My summer sure went out with a bang!  We fucked in the infield of the race track at the fair.  It was unbelievable.  Nobody was around so we did it on the grass, under the stars to the fireworks display and rock music that was being played through the loudspeakers.  It was like a dream.  THIS I will never forget! 

He picked me up and spun me around while penetrating my vagina.  My legs were wrapped around his waist as he held my ass in proper position, and we laughed and laughed uncontrollably.  I remember throwing my head back and looking up at the sky and the stars and the fireworks, feeling my hair flying around in the wonderfully warm summer night and feeling how cool it was, how comfortable, how far from danger I was.  I absorbed the moment and how much I loved the stars and the music and fact that this hunk of a man was inside of me as we felt the same.  Throwing both our heads back and laughing aloud.  And still there was nobody around.  I couldn’t say no to this one and it was SO right.  It was so much fun!  It was so perfect!  Throw your head back and feel that summer breeze.  It was reckless abandon.  And I absolutely loved it.  It was epitome of summer passion.

See ya later tho – have a nice life.  Sure was fun!

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# 38 - (Sun. 8/24/86) -Duane Dylan, (19).   He got a very good (8).  We met at the state fair.  He was the animal dude who tended to the elephant, camel, donkey and  horses who gave rides during the fair.  He was very cute and cool yet coy with long light brown hair and bright green eyes.  His youth and exuberance was evident in the energy he exhibited and the careful way he handled the animals was a complete turn-on.  We smiled and flirted and got to talking, mostly about the animals.  He was very knowledgeable and had a quick sense of humor.  I felt the vibe immediately.

We ultimately did it after the fair closed down, in the tractor trailer truck that was stacked with hay for the animals.  He threw a blanket over the bales creating a sprawling bed and we did it right there on the truck.  It was incredible.  With the smell of the fresh hay, the privacy, and the total surroundings, it was like a dream.  Knowing where I was added to the excitement and at least the animals weren’t watching.  I left the fairgrounds that night about 3am and it was eerily silent, empty and quite spooky.  He walked me to the gate where we kissed goodbye.  “Thanks, see ya...” we both said, as I headed to my car.  I thankfully made it home safe that night, smiling at yet another wild adventure...

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#31 -  (Sat. 8/2/86) - His name was Steve Slocum, (22).  Gave him a (9).  We met at Club Jamison’s, which was referred to as the “meat market”.  It was a “lost and found”.  I went looking and I sure found.   He was SO good and oh my God was he good looking. 

Strong facial features with high cheekbones and a confident glare with a head-tilted cocky smile.  He had the most incredible long, black, silky hair that went to the middle of his back.  It was so thick and he loved when I grabbed it.  I pulled it and stroked it and finger combed it while I kept it out of our way.

I gazed at his hair and deep brown eyes and I melted.  Got that feeling in the pit of my stomach again.  That adrenaline rush is just so stimulating.  He was 75% Native American, and 25% Italian.

He was so good, and rock hard although really intense, aggressive, and a bit too rough at times. But it took too long for his orgasm and I had some bruises after that. 

Plus my tits hurt.  He was a grabber.  There are lots of nipple guys.  Love to flick and pinch and lick and suck on them.  The nipple means more to some then the whole rest of it.    Steve loved to wrap his hand around the whole circumference, lifting and squeezing.  Grabbing and grabbing.   What it takes to get some guys off.

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I'll pump your gas
#27 - (Fri. 7/18/86) - Billy Baker, (24) years old.  He got an (8).  He was a roadie for local band “SnakeKings”, who played a concert at MacArthur Stadium.  I’ll never forget center field during the Benny Mardones concert.  He was so fun and crazy, he picked me up and  twirled me around while inside.  We spun and we laughed and laughed.  I couldn’t believe what was going on.   That was better than any ride at Disney World...  It was just so much fun.  We had a total connection.  But no expectation to ever "do it again sometime".  See ya.

That was an afternoon concert, so had to get gas on my way home about 7:00pm.  Well, I met this guy at the full service station.  He was so damn cute in his white uniform and tattoos and conversation came easy.  He had a quick sense of humor and a very sexy smile.    We flirted and there was an immediate mutual attraction, so I gave him my number.  Not long after I got home, my phone rings...   so


#28 - Friday (7/18/86) – Then came Paul Richards, (22).  He scored a (10).  Yes, he was that good.  I just can’t believe he was actually the same day that I did Billy Baker.  But according to my list and diary, he was the same day.  I am such a slut.  But hey, I went from an 8 to a 10 the same day!  Whoa, I’m good.  I seize the opportunity.

Paul was your extreme bad boy.  He had been through a lot, a poor childhood, in trouble, in jail, and misunderstood.   But he was so very cute, with shoulder length blonde hair and deep brown eyes.  He had a super skinny, rock hard body, and was a good dancer.   He was so adventurous and wild and crazy, yet also passionate.    We had such great sex.

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Hey, baby...
#26 - (Fri. 7/11/86) - Clark Green, 24 years old.   Motherfucker got an 8+.  We met an unusual way.  We were both living on the north side.  Life was “city” like.  Houses close together, but everybody pretty much minding their own business.  I got up for work every morning at the same time.  Then, as I left the house, I would see this shiny, new, black, Chevy Monte Carlo drive by, obviously on the same schedule.  Behind the wheel there was an intriguing guy, driving with shades on and a purpose.  “Got to get to work” I could almost hear him say. 

We noticed each other a few times by glimpse.  Then we smiled.  So obvious, we began to nod with the smile, then it became a wave.  Until one day he stopped.  That was it.  It went on from there for a while. We had a purely sexual relationship for several months, although it was not monumental.  Not my usual type,  he won me over and said all the right things, at the right time.  He definitely expressed his desire, so I obliged and enjoyed our little sexual fling.  We both lived alone, and right around the corner from each other, so did it a few times at his place and a few at mine.  It made for a nice variety.  He was a dirty little guy who loved porn.  But nothing more than a few months of sex was desired by me and we just did not “hook up” again.

Ok, that was fun – next...

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#23 - (Fri. 4/11/86) - Benjamin Brown, (23) years old, from a north suburb.  Gave him a (7).  He was part of another 3-some.  I ran into Ricky Filicki at a hotel bar that night where he was celebrating his buddy Ben’s birthday. They both were wearing a black tux, with  red tie and red cumber bun, looking so hot.  Both tall, dark and handsome and I accepted their lure.  And in the party spirit, they provided generous lines of coke.

Plus they had a limo.  It was so wild doing it in the limo right there at the Marriott front door.  I wasn’t sure if the driver could see, but really didn’t care.  I was singing “if the limo gets to rockin, don’t come a knockin”.  That Ricky Filicki was so good looking and so debonair at the same time as being so crazy.  We mostly took turns, but a catered to the birthday boy.  And after an unbelievable encounter, I left my favorite red lace panties for Ben to remember that night.  Happy Birthday from me.

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Wolfie and I met at the State Fair one year.  It was again late, and we were both buzzed and so happy to run into each other.  We hung out, walking around the fairgrounds, arms around each other, laughing and talking and being buzzed.  I so loved my arm around his slim waist, holding the coolness that was Wolfie.  We looked for a good spot to do it, which was not easy.  First we found a vacant shower room in the horse coliseum, but got interrupted, so didn’t get to finish there.  After some more wandering around, it got to be 2am with very few people around.  We then decided on going behind an antique train car on display.  Right there, out in the open. And I loved doing it outside.  There we were, under the stars, with the slight risk of getting caught.  Nobody seemed to be around, but this was the State Fair, a very public place.  And it was so fuckin' cool.  Certainly memorable. 

He pulled down my lace panties, then I lifted my denim mini-skirt, bent over and held on to the side of the train, right near the wheel, grabbing a steel bar strategically located, as he pounded me like a locomotive.  Right there under those wonderful summer stars.  Although I was looking down at the railroad tracks, I felt the warm breeze blow across my ass and the dick that was pushing in and out of me.  It was so stimulating.  He sure completed there.