#22 - (Sat. 4/5/86) – “Wolfie”  – Wolfgang G. Thomas.   Wolfie was 26, we met at Club Jamison’s.  Got an (8-½).  But he was special and he hung around/ came back/ proved his worthiness time and again, so we had a strictly sexual relationship for the next 10 years.   He was totally my type.  Yes, he had long blonde hair, a very sexy smile, skinny body, with leather boots and a rock’n’roll swagger.  It’s the attitude that really gets me.  That cool, confidence and hard core, partier.  We immediately hit it off, and this first time, was fantastic.  He was good and dirty at fucking hard, but didn’t give oral.  That was my only complaint about him, which demotes some of his score.  He had a very nice dick.  As with most men, he was so damn proud of that thing.  He was extremely adequate, I’d say.  It was not huge, but not small either.  Very substantial, and got the job done.   He wasn’t real cute, but very different.  I had a motto that I had a “weakness for uniqueness” And unique he was, but I actually liked watching him slap his own hard erection.  And sometimes he’d slap my ass.  That was thrilling too.  There was something about the feel of that slap.  The surprise, the sudden sting, the tingly burn and his forcefulness and control at that moment many times led to my orgasm.