#4 - (Fri. 9/27/85) Mickey Migrelli – He was actually a New York State Trooper, 25 years old from Western, NY – I rated him a (9). Mother fucker was good. He had shiny, but short black hair (not my usual type), but damn he was extremely good looking. I couldn’t believe I had a NYS Trooper in my
house. I had “things” to be concerned about after all. But there was his gun and badge sitting on my dining room table and I just had to touch both. “Wow”, I thought out loud as I took a hit off my bowl, and he walks into the dining room.  “You  don’t mind if I take a hit”, I asked him, suddenly being concerned  about the situation and wanting to be at least semi-responsible. “Naw, I’m off duty”,
he very casually replied with a head cocked grin. What a relief, what a buzz and what a great night. It was so wild. A true fantasy. He had a huge cock, was just so cute, and spent the night, then said “see ya”! No phone numbers exchanged, no promises to “do it again” sometime. Just casual sex. Wow, was that fun! Thank you very much!

“Hey”, I realized out loud, “I’m really gonna like this fuckin’ around
shit.This is VERY fun!!”Since I'm recently single.  Let’s see what adventure comes next...

Ok, not always good stories – the next 2 were bad... both of them. That sucked, but then came October of ‘85 (4 different guys – 1 a week, that’s not too bad. Sufficient lust, for me anyway.)



07/25/2016 00:46

New York is the good country and people are going to this country for spend the holidays. All the people are follow the rules and regulation and also control on crime.

05/02/2017 03:21

The New York State Police NYSP, is the official state police drive of the U.S. condition of New York, and utilizes more than 4,900 sworn state troopers. It is formally some portion of the New York State Executive Department.


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