Wolfie and I met at the State Fair one year.  It was again late, and we were both buzzed and so happy to run into each other.  We hung out, walking around the fairgrounds, arms around each other, laughing and talking and being buzzed.  I so loved my arm around his slim waist, holding the coolness that was Wolfie.  We looked for a good spot to do it, which was not easy.  First we found a vacant shower room in the horse coliseum, but got interrupted, so didn’t get to finish there.  After some more wandering around, it got to be 2am with very few people around.  We then decided on going behind an antique train car on display.  Right there, out in the open. And I loved doing it outside.  There we were, under the stars, with the slight risk of getting caught.  Nobody seemed to be around, but this was the State Fair, a very public place.  And it was so fuckin' cool.  Certainly memorable. 

He pulled down my lace panties, then I lifted my denim mini-skirt, bent over and held on to the side of the train, right near the wheel, grabbing a steel bar strategically located, as he pounded me like a locomotive.  Right there under those wonderful summer stars.  Although I was looking down at the railroad tracks, I felt the warm breeze blow across my ass and the dick that was pushing in and out of me.  It was so stimulating.  He sure completed there.



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