#23 - (Fri. 4/11/86) - Benjamin Brown, (23) years old, from a north suburb.  Gave him a (7).  He was part of another 3-some.  I ran into Ricky Filicki at a hotel bar that night where he was celebrating his buddy Ben’s birthday. They both were wearing a black tux, with  red tie and red cumber bun, looking so hot.  Both tall, dark and handsome and I accepted their lure.  And in the party spirit, they provided generous lines of coke.

Plus they had a limo.  It was so wild doing it in the limo right there at the Marriott front door.  I wasn’t sure if the driver could see, but really didn’t care.  I was singing “if the limo gets to rockin, don’t come a knockin”.  That Ricky Filicki was so good looking and so debonair at the same time as being so crazy.  We mostly took turns, but a catered to the birthday boy.  And after an unbelievable encounter, I left my favorite red lace panties for Ben to remember that night.  Happy Birthday from me.



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