I'll pump your gas
#27 - (Fri. 7/18/86) - Billy Baker, (24) years old.  He got an (8).  He was a roadie for local band “SnakeKings”, who played a concert at MacArthur Stadium.  I’ll never forget center field during the Benny Mardones concert.  He was so fun and crazy, he picked me up and  twirled me around while inside.  We spun and we laughed and laughed.  I couldn’t believe what was going on.   That was better than any ride at Disney World...  It was just so much fun.  We had a total connection.  But no expectation to ever "do it again sometime".  See ya.

That was an afternoon concert, so had to get gas on my way home about 7:00pm.  Well, I met this guy at the full service station.  He was so damn cute in his white uniform and tattoos and conversation came easy.  He had a quick sense of humor and a very sexy smile.    We flirted and there was an immediate mutual attraction, so I gave him my number.  Not long after I got home, my phone rings...   so


#28 - Friday (7/18/86) – Then came Paul Richards, (22).  He scored a (10).  Yes, he was that good.  I just can’t believe he was actually the same day that I did Billy Baker.  But according to my list and diary, he was the same day.  I am such a slut.  But hey, I went from an 8 to a 10 the same day!  Whoa, I’m good.  I seize the opportunity.

Paul was your extreme bad boy.  He had been through a lot, a poor childhood, in trouble, in jail, and misunderstood.   But he was so very cute, with shoulder length blonde hair and deep brown eyes.  He had a super skinny, rock hard body, and was a good dancer.   He was so adventurous and wild and crazy, yet also passionate.    We had such great sex.



08/25/2016 05:07

It is hard to face bad boys when they want to tease anyone but you tried good to stop it. I am happy to see you on this blog with new amazing story that is very interested. I hope you will see it better and give the chance for chose the right path.

02/07/2017 02:39

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