# 38 - (Sun. 8/24/86) -Duane Dylan, (19).   He got a very good (8).  We met at the state fair.  He was the animal dude who tended to the elephant, camel, donkey and  horses who gave rides during the fair.  He was very cute and cool yet coy with long light brown hair and bright green eyes.  His youth and exuberance was evident in the energy he exhibited and the careful way he handled the animals was a complete turn-on.  We smiled and flirted and got to talking, mostly about the animals.  He was very knowledgeable and had a quick sense of humor.  I felt the vibe immediately.

We ultimately did it after the fair closed down, in the tractor trailer truck that was stacked with hay for the animals.  He threw a blanket over the bales creating a sprawling bed and we did it right there on the truck.  It was incredible.  With the smell of the fresh hay, the privacy, and the total surroundings, it was like a dream.  Knowing where I was added to the excitement and at least the animals weren’t watching.  I left the fairgrounds that night about 3am and it was eerily silent, empty and quite spooky.  He walked me to the gate where we kissed goodbye.  “Thanks, see ya...” we both said, as I headed to my car.  I thankfully made it home safe that night, smiling at yet another wild adventure...



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