# 46 - (Sat. 11/8/86) - then came Gary Gardner.   We met at Tooles Tavern.  Tooles was the place back then.   I could almost always find someone to take home from there.  Yes, it was considered a “meat market”; a great place for singles to hook up.

So Gary was into slapping.  Firm but nicely.  And he liked when I slapped him back, which I actually liked it too.  I would slap him on the arm, on the leg, on his ass and definitely his hard cock.  “Slap it, bitch” he would say.  It wasn’t hard enough to cause a bruise (ok, maybe 1), but the sting of the strike and the disbelief of what just happened, was a turn on.   It was an adrenaline rush.  I wanted him to slap again.  That was wild.  But couldn’t do that forever...



05/06/2016 02:21

This is so funny when you find someone getting slap from a man in public place. But actually this is against humanity. So we all should raise our voice to prevent this awful happenings in surroundings.

10/20/2016 02:12

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