#22 - (Sat. 4/5/86) – “Wolfie”  – Wolfgang G. Thomas.   Wolfie was 26, we met at Club Jamison’s.  Got an (8-½).  But he was special and he hung around/ came back/ proved his worthiness time and again, so we had a strictly sexual relationship for the next 10 years.   He was totally my type.  Yes, he had long blonde hair, a very sexy smile, skinny body, with leather boots and a rock’n’roll swagger.  It’s the attitude that really gets me.  That cool, confidence and hard core, partier.  We immediately hit it off, and this first time, was fantastic.  He was good and dirty at fucking hard, but didn’t give oral.  That was my only complaint about him, which demotes some of his score.  He had a very nice dick.  As with most men, he was so damn proud of that thing.  He was extremely adequate, I’d say.  It was not huge, but not small either.  Very substantial, and got the job done.   He wasn’t real cute, but very different.  I had a motto that I had a “weakness for uniqueness” And unique he was, but I actually liked watching him slap his own hard erection.  And sometimes he’d slap my ass.  That was thrilling too.  There was something about the feel of that slap.  The surprise, the sudden sting, the tingly burn and his forcefulness and control at that moment many times led to my orgasm.  

#18 - (Tues. 2/4/86) Mickey Filicki – (23 yrs. old ) Got a solid (9+).  Met at a local Benny Mardones concert – was the greatest time. The best I’d ever had so far. Really. The cutest, tallest – he was 6 6", super thin, but muscular, very talented,  and (of course) he played guitar like a motherfucker, just like Eddy VanHalen, ooo baby, baby... I liked everything about him. Spent that night with him, then 9 times more for the next 2 months, tho nothing exclusive – no commitment. Was just so much fun!

We traveled one night to see a band in a town about 45 miles away, so we  got a motel room and partied afterward all night with lots of lines, and  plenty of alcohol, weed and valium. He played
guitar and we both sang in between lines and shots and hits. Took many pics of this fun party time. He turned out later to be a bit of a drag. Oh well... Hey, I don’t want a relationship with you  either. It was fun. The sex was good. So, see ya!

1 month later...

#19 - (Wed. 3/5/86) I meet this dude – Ricky – was 24 years old and he also rated an astounding (9+). Gorgeous and dripping of
sexy swagger, coolness, confidence. Another tall guy, 6'4", thin, with thick shiny brown hair and “melt-me” blue eyes. A cocky smile that was a bit over-confident, which somehow made the challenge more appealing. We met at the Marriott across the street from where I worked during Happy Hour that Wednesday. We met eyes a few times, then looked away. Spotted each other again, when we fixed gaze and smiled. That was it. Got to flirting and hanging out with this gorgeous guy. He was buying me drinks and I made him grovel. You need to show me you are “worthy”. Compliments help and he sure provided. It naturally progressed to“ooooohhh baby,  should we get outta here?”, he whispered in my ear as I sat on his lap at the bar. I felt his breath on my neck and his cock where I sat and there was no debate.

Had a fantastic time at my house, then later a few more times. Along with being so cute, and those melt-me blue eyes, he had a big, hot cock. It was just his “dirty-ness”.  Ricky broke in my
new satin sheets. Which I always smile when I think of.  Also  fucked him in the Ladies Room at the Marriott and in a Limo outside the hotel (oh, I can’t forget about the limo) – (That’s coming up in a later post...)

He took me for motorcycle rides which were both scary and
exciting at the same time. Exhilarating, I’d say he was.  And later I couldn’t believe it, what a small world – I found out he was Mickey Filicki’s older brother. When I found out their last name, I was so shocked. It didn’t matter to either one of them though. I saw a high five or two.

Filicki brothers were so fuckin’ great. (The blood line in that
family – whoa...)
(So I gave them both a 9+ -- yep, they both deserved a 9+ !!!)

Never did get to have a “Filicki sandwich” they both so eluded to ... That sure would have been delicious!!

#15 - (Tues. 12/31/85) - Georgie Rossi (23) only rates a (6). Met at Suburban Park Club. He was technically  unemployed, but an obvious coke dealer. So you could say he worked “under the table”. It was New Year’s Eve, so hey. But it  ended up a weird night. Another 3-some. My first with 2 girls this time. Me and my friend Leah on him. Was not great by any means, and definitely not comfortable for me. It just didn’t work out like I expected. Lots of coke tho!

Leah was weird about the sharing and he was a total disappointment for all those muscles and gold chains around his neck.  And he SO wreaked of cologne. “Dude, a little much”.   Plus a small dick and he had trouble getting hard.  Then he preferred Leah, so oh well. No big deal to me. Said he was separated, turned out he wasn’t (surprise, surprise). I only tried this for a
new experience. It was New Years Eve after all. Time for new things. Did I mention LOTS of coke?

(Fri. 12/20/85) - #12 - Rob White, rated a (7) and #13 - Johnny Black, rates a (6)– they were both (23) and this was so wild.  Right out of a dream.   Fucked a
real lot and was just so weird.  I never did anything like this before.  There
was A LOT going on.I mean a LOT going on.   But it was very memorable for my first three-some.

After the club the three of us went back to my place.Knew it was party time. They had plenty of lines and I had plenty of alcohol and weed. Listened to tunes and played around in the dining room, but ended up on my king-sized waterbed. Plenty of room for the 3 of us. Just went with the flow. Kissing here and touching
there and grabbing and sucking and so getting into it. Rolled all
around that waterbed. They were definitely NOT gay. Mostly took turns.

(People later asked what a 3-some was like & I would always say, “busy, very busy”...)

Man, I was tired after all that.... whew!

#9 - (11/8/85) – Chester the Molester (my term of endearment for him), he was
21, (I was 30) from an east suburb. Met at Club Jamison’s – he only rates an
(8), but he was SO cool and he came back for LOTS more. A pipe-fitter by trade, with blonde hair and very nice, desirable blue eyes that said he wanted to fuck
me.He let me know how bad he wanted me and had a unique coolness about him. That exact “coolness”  I absolutely needed regardless of looks or age or hair length or marital status. He was the youngest I’d ever been with, and had a great, big cock that was hard forever. Cute and studly were the 2 words I used for Chester.  We fucked a LOT. His looks reminded me of young Richard Gere. He was very hot.  He was very different. Just  unique in the way he was so laid back.  Also got into kinky stuff. Brought a huge dildo over one time. I had actually never seen
one before (live and “in person” that is), let alone one the size of this one.  And of course it vibrated. It got used a few times, but then stayed around long after he did. Wow did he lick fantastic. Just dove in. Never felt that kind of frenzie before. He was such a fun, cute, young thing.... Ended up with 8 slashes on my “bedpost”. Yep, he was cool. Ok, this is back to being fun.

Had my second 3-some with Chester and his friend, we’ll call him 
Nickle. Yes, Nickle.

So did I say Chester came back for more? Is this a “bad boy”
thing? I guess so.

#4 - (Fri. 9/27/85) Mickey Migrelli – He was actually a New York State Trooper, 25 years old from Western, NY – I rated him a (9). Mother fucker was good. He had shiny, but short black hair (not my usual type), but damn he was extremely good looking. I couldn’t believe I had a NYS Trooper in my
house. I had “things” to be concerned about after all. But there was his gun and badge sitting on my dining room table and I just had to touch both. “Wow”, I thought out loud as I took a hit off my bowl, and he walks into the dining room.  “You  don’t mind if I take a hit”, I asked him, suddenly being concerned  about the situation and wanting to be at least semi-responsible. “Naw, I’m off duty”,
he very casually replied with a head cocked grin. What a relief, what a buzz and what a great night. It was so wild. A true fantasy. He had a huge cock, was just so cute, and spent the night, then said “see ya”! No phone numbers exchanged, no promises to “do it again” sometime. Just casual sex. Wow, was that fun! Thank you very much!

“Hey”, I realized out loud, “I’m really gonna like this fuckin’ around
shit.This is VERY fun!!”Since I'm recently single.  Let’s see what adventure comes next...

Ok, not always good stories – the next 2 were bad... both of them. That sucked, but then came October of ‘85 (4 different guys – 1 a week, that’s not too bad. Sufficient lust, for me anyway.)

How could he do this to me? We totally hit it off. Spent the last 2 weeks together.

After meeting in Niagara Falls while I was vacationing with my friend and her niece, we spent many romantic days together. We went to an amusement park, the State Fair, picnics and had lots of great sex.He was very different. So cute with long, thick, shiny brown hair. His ice blue eyes and a stupid cocky smile made me forget about his slight speech impediment.He was funny, a partier and definitely cool. He came and spent time with me at my house. I really like this guy – this is fun, new & exciting.

But then, there I was, in downtown Toronto – totally alone. Realizing what’s happened. Oh my God, he’s gone. The motherfucker really took off. What the fuck do I do now? I looked around, realizing where I was. Right outside of the Eaton Centre, I sat all alone.

After about an hour, I finally realized, “oh my God, he’s definitely not coming back”.What do I do now? Oh my God. Ok,
don’t panic. Ok, get myself together. I’ve got to find my car. Since he knew the city, he had me park on a side street. I swear I remember the name, Ulster Street, which I silently rejoiced when I found it, but my car was not there. Was it
towed? Had he stolen it? Now I really began to panic
because it was starting to get dark and I’m all alone.  Been
stiffed and in this major city, filled with mostly foreigners and tourists and didn’t hear much English or see any empathy when I did ask someone a question.

I walked and I walked.What else could I do? Then, oh my
God – there it was. I finally found my car!! My heart
pounded and I felt that respite feeling. An overwhelming sanctuary sensation like I’m home; that I’m finally safe. But I’m not home.  I’m not safe.

While feeling some relief finally sitting in my own car, I locked the doors and took a deep breath – the adventure wasn’t over yet. I put my hands on the steering wheel and took another deep breath. Next I had to find my way out of there. Get me to the American border please. I just want to go home! Deciphering the highway routes from my torn map I started to head out, half smiling at my navigational skills when I saw -- I’m almost out of gas. Doesn’t this just add to it? Was not easy finding a gas station so late on a Sunday night in Canada. Most were closed. Then I realized I had no money. Luckily I have plastic. Guess that’s how my credit card bills get so high. Emergencies…

After the grueling battle to find my way to the border, I finally crossed thru the long line at customs, then feeling semi-assured that I would make it home. I only had 3 hours
to drive and think and compose. That’s when the magnitude of what happened to me began to sink in. I drove and I
thought. And I as I drove, I cried. I cried all the way
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